Online Software

We have been delivering projects covering everything from new product development to business support systems and games for mobiles.


Bringing Your Concept to Reality!


Innovative product development

Fluid3 has experience in building web & mobile related products from ground up. Our team works with you to capture your vision, converting it to meaningful software that adds value not only to you but to your end customers. If you have wanted to get a product developed and didn’t knew where to start, talk to us today and we can get you started.


Custom business applications

Streamlined business processes help a business improve their bottom line, we have worked with companies in the past and delivered custom solutions that have helped their organisation in the way they carry out particular tasks. Our experts can consult with you to understand your current pressure points and provide a solution that helps you reduce cost or gain efficiency.


Migration to new environments

Times are always changing and technology moves with time. We have experience to take legacy applications which have been developed using older technologies and rewrite them in new architectures that are available today.

We play nice with: