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A Mobile App Builder for Retail sector, this would transform the way Retailers currently engage with their consumers.


Rapid Deployment – No Coding Required

Retailers can go online to and build a mobile app in minutes rather than hiring a development company and spending months and big cash outlay.

  • Why wait months to have your own branded fully featured application?
  • Why spend more than you have to?
  • Why waste time – commence today.



Configure your mStore and let your customers use their mobiles to purchase your products & services.

  • Easily create your own mobile store
  • Upload your products, pricing and terms
  • Your customers can now buy anytime, anyplace, anywhere from you.



Empower users to browse your latest catalogue or your products, anytime, anywhere.

  • Users can browse your entire catalogue and product range.
  • See full details and closest store locations to drive in store traffic
  • Ability to load product range in seconds
  • Display Images & Video’s for each product



Setup your own loyalty program in minutes to reward your users for them to come again and again to your store.

  • Make your customers feel special
  • Drive consistent engagement with in-built loyalty via the mobile
  • Integrate with your current loyalty programs
  • Get rid of loyalty cards and engage via mobile
  • Set your loyalty metrics in the back end and deploy with ease


Location Based Offers

Create a Special Offer and have it available in real time through your app. Users can also get push notifications of new offers.

  • Easily deploy, run and measure Offers in Real-Time Offers
  • Integrate promotions across mobile and social media
  • Central console for loading and reporting of offers
  • Multiple options – have an offer across one, some or all locations


Push notification’s

Send contextual based Push Notifications, so your users get notification for products they are interested in, increasing app open rate & foot traffic.

  • Get your contextual message’s onto the mobile
  • Drive more traffic which is already close by
  • Engage in real time with your customers


In Store Check–In

Reward customers to walk into your store and understand your potential or current user behaviour

  • Reward & incentivise people to walk into your store
  • Easily deploy, run and measure user behaviour in Real-Time
  • Know your current and target customers


Store Locator

Upload your locations in seconds and let your users find your nearest store by clicking a button. Users see your locations in a map & get directions to your store from their current location.

  • Customers will see locations relevant (nearest) to them
  • Relevant offers & promotions to drive foot traffic to specific locations
  • Facility to upload thousands of locations in seconds


About Us

Tell your story and show your customers you are different. Share images and video’s about your company. Enable customers to contact you.

  • Tell your story, show customers why you are different
  • Engage with customers
  • Images and Videos of your company



Keep customers informed, share company news and events.

  • Keep your customer informed with relevant and contextual news
  • Position yourself as an industry leader



Engage with customers via Products / Catalogues and about company’s videos.

  • Video consumption on mobile is growing rapidly
  • Engage with users by sharing within the application relevant videos to drive greater engagement


Social Wall

Facebook & Twitter are on the rise; bring the latest to your customers from your social media engagement.

  • Social is on the rise, more and more companies engaging with customers via social
  • Engage with users by letting them know what’s happening in your Social media world
  • Your Facebook and Twitter wall feeds directly into the hands of your user



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